Nolee-O Web Design Stay up to date with Keena Staffing news. New York State Paid Family Leave FAQ New York State Paid Family Leave (PFL)Effective January 1, 2018NewYork's Paid Family Leave Program will provide wage replacement to employees tohelp them bond with a child, care for a close relative with a serious healthcondition, or help relieve family pressures when someone is called to activemilitary service.Employeesare also guaranteed to be able to return to their job and continue their healthinsurance. If you contribute to the cost of your health insurance, you mustcontinue to pay your portion of the premium cost while on Paid Family Leave.EmployeeFAQs1. When am I eligible? Full-time employees will be eligible for leave after 26 consecutive weeks of employment. Part-time employees will be eligible for leave after 175 consecutive days of employment.2. Does Paid Family Leave cost me anything?New York's Paid Family Leave is entirely employee-funded. That is, the benefitis paid for by employees. Beginning on July 1, 2017, you will see a payrolldeduction to pay for your Paid Family Leave benefit. 3. Do I have to participate in the Paid Family Leave program?Yes, Paid Family Leave is not optional for most employees. 4. Will I be able to receive Paid Family Leave during my pregnancy?Paid Family Leave only begins after birth. It is not available for pre-natalconditions. For more information, please go to have questions about New York State's Paid Family Leave Program, feel freeto contact a Member of the HR Team at KEENA.