ASO Services

We take care of your employees... you take care of your business.

What is an ASO?

The term ASO (Administrative Services Organization) was established by the PEO industry in the late 1990’s.  The purpose of an ASO is to distinguish between selective administrative support and full PEO services.  The main difference between the PEO and ASO is that with an ASO, the employer remains the “Employer of Record” for tax purposes.  The tax filings are done through KEENA but under the client’s own Employer Identification Number. 

What are the benefits of a ASO?

All of your administrative needs are met with ASO Service. You choose the services you need to reduce the time and energy spent on payroll, HR administration and regulatory compliance issues, allowing you to refocus your time and energy on your core business.  This product is designed for those who prefer to maintain their own company-sponsored benefits, workers’ compensation insurance and retirement plans, instead of participating in a PEO group insurance solution.

ASO Services Include:

Payroll Management

  • Computerized Payroll Calculations 
  • Federal and State Payroll Summary Reports 
  • Payroll Reconciliation & Reports 
  • Payroll Tax Services & Deposits including FICA, FUTA & SUTA 
  • Production, Signing and Delivery of Paychecks 
  • Storage of Payroll Records 
  • Direct Deposit 

Human Resource Management 

  • Pre-employment screening 
  • Employment & Recruiting Assistance 
  • Custom Employee Handbooks 
  • Employee File Maintenance 
  • On-Site Assistance in Handling Disciplinary Issues 
  • Employee Termination Processing 
  • Termination Package, including COBRA 
  • Documentation Assistance to Prevent Wrongful Termination Suits 
  • SUI Claims Administration 
  • Regulatory Compliance Postings 

Risk Management 

  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Claims Management
  • OSHA Compliance & Safety Training 
  • WC Pay As You Go 
  • Safety & Loss Prevention 
  • Labor Board Assistance  

KEENA is your HR solution designed to attract, retain and develop the best employees, manage risk, reduce liability and maximize the biggest investment your company makes…your employees.

The American Payroll Organization
Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce
American Staffing Association
Lake George Association
National Association of Professional Employer Organizations