Payroll Services

A Quality Service, delivered by payroll experts, in a professional manner.

KEENA Payroll is a simple solution to submitting and processing your payroll.  Choosing KEENA to process your payroll allows you the opportunity to spend more time running your business and have the comfort of knowing your payroll is being handled accurately and timely by a payroll specialist.  Choosing to have your payroll outsourced provides you with the assurance of greater accuracy and also up to date tax rates and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Payroll Submission

KEENA offers numerous options for you to submit your payroll hours.  Whether you choose preparing the payroll online, emailing a secure timesheet to be imported or submitting hours via phone or fax, KEENA offers you the flexibility to submit the payroll however you feel comfortable.

Direct Deposit

Employees can set up an unlimited number of accounts to have their net pay deposited in each pay period.  Whether they choose to have a 100% into a checking or split between two or more accounts, KEENA will provide the service and will ensure your employees are paid on the check date.

Internet Payroll Reporting

Enjoy the convenience of entering payroll and printing reports at a time that works for you 24 hours a day.  Once you enter your payroll information, KEENA will prepare your payroll as if you had called or faxed information to us.

Flexible Customized Reports

There are hundreds of reports available to choose from that can be easily exported into Excel to allow your ability to gather needed information in a timely and efficient manner. 

Pressure Seal Checks and Laser Check Signing

Payroll checks are printed in a professional manner with your company’s logo and signature.  Checks are then sealed in a confidential perforated check stock eliminating the need for envelopes, and providing the security needed to protect your employee’s payroll data. 

Electronic Transmission of Checks and Reports

Employees with direct deposit will be provided a username and password where they can view the paystubs online each pay period.  Employees are also able to view the W2 form at year end.  The payroll reports that are generated once the payroll is processed can be emailed directly to you avoiding the additional expense of delivery and waiting for the mail to arrive.

Tax Payments & Tax Filing (Enrollment in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)

Choosing KEENA to process your payroll allows you the peace of mind that your taxes are paid and filed in a timely manner.  Each pay period KEENA will debit the employer and employee taxes and will pay them when due on your behalf.  You will be provided a copy of your returns for your permanent records.  Annually you will be provided with your W2 and 1099 forms (if needed), the W3, 940 Federal Unemployment and state withholding return.  KEENA takes the burden from you, the employer of worrying about the timeliness and preparation of such forms.

Additional services include:

Garnishments Administration, 401k and other Agency Checks, Time and Attendance Tracking, Workers Compensation Pay As You Go Service and much more.

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