Keena Staffing Services

KEENA Staffing, Inc. was founded in 1986 to meet the increasing demand for highly skilled personnel for local companies. KEENA quickly became recognized as one of the regions top recruiting and staffing firms focusing on the following services:

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Employees of KEENA are sent to your location to fulfill your needs for a specific period of time. If your company is in need of a large number of temporary employees, KEENA can fill that need and supply an on-site coordinator, if necessary. Once that period has expired, you would have no further obligation to retain the individual.

Temp-To-Hire Employment

An employee of KEENA would be sent to your location to fulfill your personnel needs. During a 90-day trial period, you may evaluate your situation and decide if you want this individual to become a full time employee of your company. If so, you may hire the individual onto your payroll with no further obligation to KEENA. If, at any time during the 90 day period, you find your candidate unsatisfactory, you may ask for a replacement.

Professional Placement

KEENA has compiled an impressive list of potential professional candidates that are currently looking for employment in this region. Should a need arise for a specific individual, KEENA would search our vast resources and industry contacts to send you qualified leads for your review. Final selection is your choice and there would only be a one-time fee after an offer of employment is made to the individual.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Unlike a temporary staffing arrangement where KEENA recruits employees and assigns them to client's work force, a PEO arrangement involves all of the client's work force in a long-term, non-project-related, employment relationship. KEENA assumes the employer responsibility for employment taxes, benefit plans, risk management, and all human resource functions.

The American Payroll Organization
Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce
American Staffing Association
Lake George Association
National Association of Professional Employer Organizations